Kid in Graduation Gown

Lightbride Academy + Paulo Basseto Photography

Your little one is growing...

And Lightbridge Academy have partner up with a local photographer to offer you amazing graduation photos to cherish those little moments on the years to come.

We are commited to our local community

Previously, we have provided you with photographs taken by Lifetouch, a national corporation specialized in school portraits. But that was in 2019 and the world has changed so much in the last year. 

To support our local community we have partnered with Paulo Basseto Photography, a local wedding and portrait photographer in Oceanside, to capture your little one's graduation portrait. 

How will it work?

Date to be determined:

We will schedule a date for the portraits to be taken and will let you know so you can get your little one with the best hair do.

Paulo will take your photos

Paulo will photograph your child and provide each family with an individual link, where you will be able to purchase your prints or digital downloads.

We are working together

Lightbridge and Paulo have worked together to give back to you, the parents, providing you with a more affordable option than previously to own the photos of your little ones.


We will follow strict safety precautions, capturing your photographs outside on our parking lot, minimizing access of non staff in the facility and minimizing your child exposure to the photographer.

Paulo will use a mask at all times and will provide a negative COVID test and if applicable, proof of vaccination 72 hours before the photoshoot.


Please contact Ms, Joanne or Ms Debbie and we will answer any questions you have.